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In a ever-changing digital landscape a new age of publishing is here. We are now in a world where tailored content is the new standard. Now more than ever, we have the opportunity to give our readers the most personalized experience out there.

Reignn is run by a team of diverse editors, storytellers, and tech-savvy professionals, all coming together with one goal in mind: To provide the most compelling, share-worthy, and relatable content to our loyal readers. From history buffs and music enthusiasts to people who just can’t get enough of glitz and glamour, there’s something for everyone.

Here at Reignn, we understand that data is paramount. We harness the power of technology to personalize both the content we provide and the reader’s experience. Part of what we do is ensure that our readers are getting the content they love, enjoy a smooth experience, and stay engaged.

Our platform interacts with each reader individually. We gather data on user behavior in real time and modify the reader’s experience to accomodate his and her activities. It allows us to provide a fully engageable experience, promising that each and every reader gets the most personalized experience. We pride ourselves on making a true effort to get to know our readers, and reacting in real time.


  • AB Testing Mechanism

    We believe that everything should be based on concrete data. We test every feature on our websites, ensuring our readers and advertisers receive the best user experience and results.
  • Real-time Decision Making

    Our technology relies on real-time data, which involves billions of events and data points, allowing for precise decision making.
  • Promotional Tools That Actually Work

    Our advertisers can rest assured that we enable the most valuable engagement with our readers, due to a high viewability percentage as well as completion and conversion rates.
  • Header Bidder Wrapper

    Using our proprietary wrapper, we make sure each impression is rendered at the best time in order to allow a smooth user experience, which positively impacts our advertisers.
  • Robust Analytics

    Our cutting-edge analytics system allows us to slice and dice consolidated data in real-time. We love delving into data, making sure we understand our users completely.
  • Customizable Ad Placements

    With our technology, we offer infinite ways to match ad layouts to our content. Just as readers vary, so should user interfaces.
  • Ad-Serving That Supports All Formats: Display, Video, Native

    Our system offers the ability to support ads on any format, including display, video, native, etc.