Eliminate Unwanted Ads

Our technology solution resolves ad quality and safety challenges in real time, across all your demand sources.

Ad Safety Features

ReigNN’s technology identifies unwanted ads in real-time, across all demand partners, and resolves them before they reach your users.

Real-time creative filtering

Your website is up and running around the clock, but you can sleep easy knowing that ReigNN Shield never lets your guard down. Our ground-breaking, proprietary technology blocks malware, unwanted ads and other creatives that you simply don’t want to appear on your site, all in real time. Say goodbye to bad ads before they reach your target audience, and show only the ads you want, according to the criteria you choose.
Our creative test lab goes through and analyzes every ad, creating a library of thousands of ads to give us a real-time, bird’s eye view of good and bad ads. Cross-publisher data helps prevent malicious ads from being shown on your site or recurring in the ReigNN network.

Customized unwanted creative removal

It’s your site, so you should have the power to choose the ads that appear on it. ReigNN’s customized unwanted creative removal tool places that control firmly back in your hands. Enhance your users’ experience by setting your own customized criteria to filter out unwanted content. Choose from criteria such as advertisers, network load, video, sound and domain to decide which ads to display and which to remove, eliminating those that don’t suit your site’s goals and vision. ReigNN will make sure your every request is met, driving superior advertising results and enabling you to maintain a site that is focused, organized and under control.

Guaranteed viewability

Increase the value of your website space, with guaranteed viewability from ReigNN. Get maximum control of your ad space exposure to ensure that better ads are consistently shown, enabling you to actualize more valuable media. Enjoy the confidence of knowing that your online ads are being viewed, that you are working with premium advertisers and that your advertisers pay only for viewed inventory.
For a higher view rate, our guaranteed viewability feature also ensures that ads are loaded only when placement is viewable to the customer. Finally, because the media you sell is worth more, advertisers will pay higher CPMs.

Malvertising blockage

Malware, viruses and malvertising are real concerns for every website host. At ReigNN, your audience safety is our top priority. With our powerful, sophisticated platform, you will stay one jump ahead of smart, malicious advertising. Using state-of-the-art malware-blocking technology, we identify and block any malicious ad, before it even reaches your website. Our powerful tool allows you to regain control of your website in real time, without having to rely on alerts. We’ll help you keep your site safe, while ensuring that you can continue to offer users high-quality, relevant ads.

Demand fraud detection

Enjoy the confidence of knowing that your site is free of fraudulent or malicious ads. Armed with the ability to know if an ad is malicious or fraudulent, ReigNN uses real-time blocking to decode ads and prevent the bad ones from entering your site. You can keep your valuable ad space clear for the ads that you choose to show and that your visitors want to see, while ensuring that your audience isn’t exposed to malicious or fraudulent ads.

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We haven’t had a single complaint from an ad they’ve delivered. This is a huge value to us.

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“ReigNN answers all the characteristics I look for in an advertising partner, and has out-performed market solutions in preventing malicious ads. We haven’t had a single complaint from an ad they’ve delivered. This is a huge value to us.”

Jeff Steele
Co-Owner, DC Urban Moms and Dads
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