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Monetization Features

ReigNN delivers cutting-edge monetization solutions that ramp up your ad optimization, improve user experience and enable you to earn more from your audience.

Audience Balancer™

ReigNN’s strongest feature is now all yours, thanks to our Audience Balancer™. Harness the power of our algorithms and AI-powered tools to match every site user with the exact number and format of ads that will achieve a balance between your monetization needs and their site experience. By collecting dozens of informational criteria about each user, we are able to form highly accurate customer profiles and automatically apply these to returning visitors, in accordance with your pre-defined user segmentation. Learn what your target audience segments are, and how to optimize them for the most effective advertising results.

Real-time ad filtering

ReigNN Shield is a unique proactive filtering solution that seamlessly detects and blocks unwanted advertising, as soon as it begins to load, without any lag. As well as stopping malware, the platform blocks legitimate advertisements that are incompatible with the website’s goals and vision. You set the ad filter criteria and we make sure they are met, while protecting your demand through every server, every time.

ReigNN's demand

For your peace of mind, connect with ReigNN Demand. Having a strong partner provide high quality demand is key to maximizing your website’s revenues. Offering Header Bidder, Server to Server or JavaScript connectivity, we use data to automatically optimize each impression – enabling you to carefully monitor your performance. Our quality inventory first goes through ReigNN Shield, so you can rest assured you get a clean and secure domain.

Outstream and instream video

Reach your customers using the most effective advertising solution – video. Optimize the time and resources spent driving maximum revenues, without exhausting efforts that would be better allocated towards building and maintaining partnerships and relationships. With ReigNN, all video format, optimization size and placement variables, including in-stream and out-stream video solutions, are fully supported according to user preferences, without a hitch. You can be sure your demand partners will find the solution they seek on your site.

Customized ad spaces

Make the most of every bit of advertising space with ReigNN’s Customized Ad Spaces solutions. Combined with custom tool-sets, our unique space formatting gives you the ability to control every aspect of your on site advertising. Create a personalized experience to suit each segment, according to the results generated by Audience Balancer™. Populate empty spaces with different forms of advertising creative to boost your revenues and increase returns, with our AI and optimized segmentation.

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I recommend ReigNN to any publisher who wants to improve their programmatic demand.

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“At ReigNN they deliver. Within only a few weeks after becoming a Prebid.js demand partner with Ancient History Encyclopedia, they became one of our top performers. The team has always been quick to respond, friendly, and very helpful. I recommend ReigNN to any publisher who wants to improve their programmatic demand.”

Jan van der Crabben
CEO & Founder, Ancient History Encyclopedia
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