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  • What is ReigNN’s business and pricing model?

    You can choose whether to use our platform free of charge and work with ReigNN as an additional demand partner or rather use the platform with your demand partners and pay a 5% fee out of your activity’s revenue.

    You won’t be locked into a long-term contract; we offer monthly partnership deals which are renewable according to your preferences.

    Rest assured that we always pay on time.

    ReigNN licenses are sold per account, not per site, so once you have joined ReigNN you can use your license for all the sites you manage.

  • How can we integrate with your platform?

    Integrating with the ReigNN platform is simple:

    • Once you sign up as a ReigNN customer, we’ll send you a link to your personal onboarding page with some introductory questions.
    • Once you answer these questions, we’ll send you a code to download and setup the ReigNN platform.
    • Simply paste into your website’s header text.

    Our support team is also always available to help with any problems you might face.

  • All my demand is set through header bidder. Is ReigNN compatible with all header bidder adapters?

    At the moment, ReigNN supports only publishers working with prebid.js

  • Does the ReigNN product work on all demand partners?

    Yes. ReigNN protects your demand through all demand partners integrated through DFP or Prebid.js

  • How are you different from other safety SaaS companies?

    ReigNN offers breakthrough ad-tech solutions which deliver complete control over all the ads that appear on your website. With our versatile, powerful platform, you’ll enjoy wield improved monetization and ad revenue; regain the power to determine what appears on your site in real time; and total data transparency to power enhanced visitor experience.

  • Can I see the product before I purchase?

    Yes. You can test drive ReigNN in a personal demo session. Click here to request a demo.

  • Are you GDPR compliant?

    Yes. ReigNN takes your users privacy seriously and is fully GDPR compliant.

  • What level of support do you offer?

    At ReigNN, we believe that a personal relationship is key to a successful partnership. You are our assets and we are always here to answer questions and resolve difficulties. When you join ReigNN, you’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager who is always available to respond to your queries and deal with your needs. You’ll never be alone.

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