Full Stack Developer
Tel Aviv, Israel

ReigNN is a great small company that masters the Ad Tech industry. We are an online media agency that knows how to achieve phenomenal results for savvy advertisers and content owners. We develop and operate comprehensive set of tools to serve as a major link in the RTB chain. Our goal is to deliver high profitable audience to our clients at minimal cost. To do so, we develop proprietary algorithms to trade ad spaces in major sites worldwide. We are looking for top tier programmer to join our team (excellent terms will be offered to qualified candidates).

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Main Objectives:
  • Full stack Web development (Web client, server side, DB, etc.)
  • Design & build WEB UI
  • Research and develop complex and challenging algorithms (including Big Data & Algo-Trading)
  • Computer Science graduate (or equivalent) with 2 years’ experience (or 5+ years’ experience for those who have no intentions for B.A. in Computer Science)
  • Vast prior knowledge in the following platforms:
    – ASP.NET Web Forms & MVC (Client & server sides)
    – C#
    – HTML5
    – JavaScript (including jQuery)
  • Working with DB (MySQL – advantage)
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