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How to Find the Best Freelancers for Your Business

Many businesses are starting to use freelancers, and several many freelance content writers are looking for work. However, not all writers produce high-quality, compelling, and authentic content that matches your expectations. Finding a writer who possesses the power of storytelling and has an eye for SEO might feel like searching for a unicorn, but those wordsmiths do exist.

Working with freelancers can be feel like a rollercoaster ride as because it is often a process of about trial and error until you can trust someone who’s right for your business. But people are starting to realize that a freelancer who can do their job and be reliable is worth the money and effort. So let’s dive into the best ways to find the right freelancer.

Why Should You Work With Freelancers?

Before we talk about how to find a freelancer, it’s essential to understand the benefits of using them. While there are obvious advantages to having an experienced content team that knows the topics, structure, and workflow, freelancers can add a lot to your content.

Even though their rates are often higher, you can save a lot of time and money because they don’t require the same benefits as a full-time employee. Freelancer writers and editors are also used to working flexible hours and sticking to strict deadlines.

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Additionally, in-house writers who have been working at the same place for a while sometimes get stuck in their routines and start to produce similar articles. Using a freelancer can help your content stay fresh and innovative because they are coming from people withe in with a different mindsets.

Where to Find Freelancers

Social Media

The best place to start your search is on social media platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook. You can look in Facebook groups for freelance writers, making it easier to engage with potential writers. LinkedIn makes it easy to search for freelancers, and you can see their previous experience.

If you are on Slack, you can also look into freelancer Slack communities.

Keep in mind that there are many freelancer communities, so be specific to what you are looking for. If you need a writer, go through freelance groups specific to writers to save time.

Freelance Job Sites

Freelancer websites, such as UpWork and CloudPeeps, provide you with reviews and rating systems to see who is at the top of their game. The reviews can also show you what kind of publications they have written for, so you can weed through who will understand your content.

If you want to go further and see a freelancer’s work without contacting them first, try looking on sites like Fiverr. You can see reviews and examples of their work before you even decide to reach out. It saves you a step of emailing back and forth to get someone’s writing portfolio.

Your Network

It’s easy to forget, but reaching out to people in your network is a reliable way to find talent. Ask former colleagues or employees who might be freelancers now. If you already know their quality of work, it helps ease your worries.


While college students might not have much experience, many talented students are looking for freelance jobs. Consider reaching out to local college professors to see if they know any students looking for freelance work. The professor can also tell you whether the student has good writing skills.

Consider contacting communications, public relations, journalism, creative writing, or English professors who will have students focused on writing.

How to Choose the Right Freelancer

Now that you know where to find freelancers, let’s talk about how to pick the right person for your business.

One of the first things you need to do is write down exactly what you are looking for. You have to know what is “right” for you to make sure a potential freelancer understands what is required of them. Also, define the type of writer you are looking for (i.e., brand journalist, SEO copywriter, or web writer), so you can seek an expert.

Avoid hiring a freelancer based purely on past work. Feel free to ask for a test article or ask them to suggest ten topic ideas for your industry. This will give you a preview of what to expect and help you evaluate if their skills meet your expectations.

Crystal clear communication is vital for a successful freelance relationship. If you struggle to get a reply from them in the beginning stages, it is a red flag not to move forward. You want your freelancers to meet deadlines and answer you in a timely fashion to keep the workflow going smoothly. Therefore, ensure youYou shouldn’t won’t have to chase them down just to get a reply.

Managing Your Freelancers

Once you start searching for a freelancer, you might wonder, “How do I manage them once I hire them?” There are some simple things you can do to manage your freelancers properly.

  1. Clear Communication
    Make it a point to err on the side of over-communication. If you’ve hired a freelance writer and want them to use a specific source or inspiration, include it in your directions from the get-go. It will save you and the freelancer a lot of time in the long run. Always share as much as possible about the industry and brand, so they know what kind of perspective you need.
  2. Create a Style Guide
    Along with my previous point, a great way to keep everyone on the same page is to outline clear brand objectives. You can do this by making a style guide and brand filter checklist.
    The style guide should cover everything from brand voice to content strategy to tone. It’s helpful to include text samples from existing content to show the exact style you want the freelancer to follow.
    Once you have a style guide, you can break it up into three to five points that make up your brand filter checklist. It gives the freelancer things to check before sending their finished assignment, which could save you a step in the process.
  3. Stay Organized
    When managing multiple freelancers, it is important to keep everything organized in documents. Create folders to organize assignments, invoice templates, pricing models, and upcoming projects that need to be assigned. You will save time by filling it in as you go.
  4. Make Them Feel Valued
    Keeping your freelancers informed and on the same page makes them feel like valued team members. You can also help them by writing recommendations or reviews to help them get other jobs.

A good freelance writer is worth the money because they can help your brand in several ways. Treat them like part of your team, pay them well and on time, and be as clear as possible. Having a great freelancer makes your job easier because you know they will put outprovide quality work.